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Dental Implants FAQs


Dental Implants FAQs

Dental Implants FAQs – North Carolina

Do you have a missing tooth? If so, Troutman Family Dentistry can help you! The loss of even a single tooth can be devastating to surrounding tooth structures. Missing teeth can extend beyond a person’s oral health and have negative side effects on their social life as well. Dental Implants are seen as the best comprehensive solution to one or several missing teeth. They are a great option for oral health as they offer a foundation for replacement teeth to be placed on.  

At Troutman Family Dentistry implants are surgically placed in the jawbone right at the site of your missing tooth. We use a process called osseointegration to fuse these implants to your jawbone for a stable anchor. If properly cared for, these implants can last for a lifetime. If you have missing teeth or old bridges with decay underneath, implants may be right for you. Call us to find out more. 919-563-5939

Dental Implants FAQs

What Is a Dental Implant?

it’s a small titanium fixture the dentist inserts into your jawbone, on top of which the dentist can attach a:

  • Fixed Bridge
  • Single Crown (cap)
  • Full Denture
  • Partial Denture

After the Implant is inserted into your bone, the Dentist connects a structure known as an abutment to your implant and then attaches your artificial tooth or teeth.

Are Dental Implants Safe?

Dentists have used Dental Implants for many years, and Implant technology continues to advance. Dental Implants are devices that highly prepared professionals put in place. They’re one of the most trustworthy ways to substitute missing teeth.

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What Can I Eat After Dental Implant Surgery?

For two days following your surgery, drink cold liquids and eat soft foods only like:

  • Fruit smoothies
  • Protein shakes
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Ice cream
  • Smooth soups
  • Milkshakes
  • Pudding

Avoid crunchy or chewy foods like rice, pizza, hamburgers, and popcorn. Most people continue their regular diet seven days after surgery.

How Long Does It Take for Dental Implants to Heal?

It depends on your health, how many teeth you have replaced, and many other factors. However, the healing process generally takes from 6 to 12 weeks.

Who Are Good Candidates for Dental Implants?

Anyone with good oral health, which includes an adequate bone in your jaw to support the dental implant and general health.

You may be a good candidate for Dental Implants if you:

  • Have one or more teeth missing
  • Have enough bone for securing the dental implant 
  • Have a fully grown jawbone
  • Have healthy oral tissues
  • Are unwilling or unable to wear dentures
  • Don’t have a medical condition that would affect bone healing
  • Committed to a few months to the whole process
  • Don’t smoke or are willing to quit

What are Your Dental Services?

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