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Can My Dentist Close the Gap in My Teeth? Mebane NC

Can my dentist close the gap in my teeth?

Can My Dentist Close the Gap in My Teeth? Mebane NC

Do you have a gap between your front teeth? A lot of tales in history say that it’s good luck to have a gap, but for a lot of people, it’s simply a problem that makes them feel self-conscious about their smile. The good news is, in many cases, it’s an easy fix. At Troutman Family Dentistry when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, the treatment you’ll receive is whatever is necessary to meet your goals and improve your confidence. Our dentists are here to help you achieve a smile you can be proud to show off!

Our goal is to provide enjoyable patient experiences with a focus on oral health promotion and disease prevention. We believe in conservative, comprehensive dentistry while encouraging our patients to play an active role in their dental health. Through co-diagnosis and collaborative treatment planning, we’re proud to offer personalized care for each patient. We offer dental crowns, bridges, and other services to the people of Mebane, NC.

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FAQs about Gaps in Your Teeth:

What Causes the Gap Between My Front Teeth?

The Front Teeth Gap known as a Maxillary Midline Diastema occurs when there’s half a millimeter or more between the top front teeth. In many cases, the gap is caused by Teeth being on the small side in relation to the jaw. This leaves more space for the teeth, including the very pronounced front tooth gap.

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We accept cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and debit cards as well as CareCredit. Please visit our Patient Information page for more information on obtaining CareCredit.

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Why is a Gap Forming Between My Teeth?

Gaps can appear even in adult teeth where there was no gap before, particularly between the two front teeth, which is called a diastema. Sometimes, an overgrowth of tissue on the border between your gum line and your two upper front teeth will cause the teeth to push apart, resulting in a gap. If you notice a gap appearing, consult a licensed orthodontist who can recommend treatment to close the gap.

How do you fix the gap in my front teeth?

Dental Bonding. Dental bonding is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to fix spacing in teeth.
Veneers. If you’ve discolored and/or chipped teeth that also have gaps, veneers may be your best treatment option.
Braces and Invisalign.

Is it OK to leave a gap in your teeth?

Large spaces and gaps leave lots of room for tooth decay to build up in hard to reach areas. We know that having a certain level of space in between your teeth makes for an easier and improved flossing experience, but having too much of a gap can have an adverse effect on your oral health.

How Does Closing the Gap With Resin Bonding Work?

At Troutman Family Dentistry we will choose a malleable Resin Material in a color that matches your Teeth. We will clean your teeth and apply a liquid cement to keep the resin in place. Then we will sculpt the putty-like resin into shape, and harden it with ultraviolet light, before finally polishing it even and smooth. The whole process usually takes less than an hour!

How Long Does Composite Resin Bonding Last?

Composite bonding lasts for 5 years on average. The material is not as hard as your natural teeth. It can wear down, chip off, break, or get stained. All these issues affect its lifespan.

How long does it take to fix the gap between teeth?

It depends on the specific diagnosis, the skill of your orthodontist, and the size of the gap. A single gap can be closed using metal or ceramic braces in only 6-8 months, but more extensive treatment may be required for more complex cases, from 12 months to 2 years.

Common Causes of Gaps:

  • Natural skeletal development, where teeth simply grow this way
  • Extra teeth, which pushes other teeth out of the correct positions
  • Missing teeth, which creates a large gap or causes other teeth to fill the gap improperly
  • Losing baby teeth too young can cause adult teeth to grow misaligned
  • Small teeth, which don’t take up the proper amount of room
  • Large jawbone, which creates too much room for the teeth and creates a gap
  • A tongue that’s too large, this can cause teeth to flare and creates gaps

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